15+ Metonymy Examples That Will Sweep You Off Your Toes

On the lookout for some unbelievable metonymy examples to jazz up your writing?

Even if metonymy is throughout us, it may be unusually tough to get a hold of nice examples of it.

That’s basically as it’s a distinct phrase and idea that many of us are unfamiliar with, together with English majors.

Now, if metonymy has you stumped, you’ve come to the suitable position.

This information gives you a crash path in metonymy and spotlight 20 charming examples of metonymy from on a regular basis lifestyles, politics, popular culture, and extra.

In a position to get began?

Then let’s kick issues off with a snappy definition!

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What’s Metonymy?

Metonymy comes to the use of a unmarried phrase as a stand-in for a comparable phrase or thought.

Put it in a different way, it’s whilst you replace a atypical phrase or word with every other phrase or word that’s related to it.

Some on a regular basis examples of metonymy come with calling your automotive your “experience” or pointing out that lobster mac and cheese is your favourite “dish.”

A laugh Reality: Metonymy comes from the Greek phrase metōnymía, that means “a metamorphosis of brand name.”

What’s the Distinction Between Metonymy, Synecdoche, Metalepsis, and Metaphor?

Metonymy is very similar to — and but unique from — comparable literary units like synecdoche, metaphor, and metalepsis.

Let’s a snappy have a look at each and every of those phrases:

Synecdoche vs Metonymy

Synecdoche is a type of metonymy the place you are taking a part of an object and use it to check with the entire. So synecdoche is referring in your automotive as your “wheels” since they’re a unmarried a part of your automotive, whilst “experience” is metonymy as it’s a comparable phrase that replaces the time period automotive.

Metalepsis vs Metonymy

Subsequent, we have now metalepsis, a kind of metonymy the place a literal word is changed with a figurative one. As an example, believe the time period “lead foot,” the place two literal gadgets are introduced in combination to create a brand new that means — an individual who’s keen on using with a heavy foot at the gasoline pedal.

Metaphor vs Metonymy

In the end, we have now metaphor, which compares the qualities of 2 unrelated issues. So announcing your kid is the “apple of my eye,” describing your self as a “night time owl,” or regarding the 12 months 2020 as a “dumpster hearth,” are all examples of metaphor.

20 Metonymy Examples

Now that we’ve outlined metonymy and explored its variations with comparable literary phrases let’s dive into a couple of examples from on a regular basis language, songs, politics, and English literature.

Examples of Metonymy in On a regular basis Language

Even if the time period metonymy would possibly sound fancy, maximum people steadily use metonymy (and different forms of figurative language) in on a regular basis speech.

There’s an excellent probability you’ve already used it dozens of instances nowadays with out even understanding it!

Don’t imagine me? Neatly, listed below are a couple of commonplace examples of metonymy in motion:

1. Elon Musk

“I’m a Silicon Valley man. I simply suppose other people from Silicon Valley can do anything else.”

2. Marlon Brando

“Lots of the a success other people in Hollywood are screw ups as human beings.”

3. Lance Morcan

“The media, like anything, may also be purchased. The whole lot, it kind of feels, has its worth. Even the unfastened press.”

4. Carl Safina

“The coast is an edgy position. Dwelling at the coast gifts positive stark realities and a wild, uncommon attractiveness.”

5. Laura Hilenbrand

“I believe authors can get into a large number of hassle viewing the subject material as their turf.”

Examples of Metonymy in Songs

Songwriters have lengthy identified the worth of metonymy, and it’s incessantly utilized in widespread songs.

As those examples display, metonymy is a formidable instrument for conveying deep feelings, similar to expressing a eager for tolerance and team spirit, a want to enjoy real love, and staying with a hard particular person out of affection.

6. Paul McCartney & Stevie Surprise

YouTube video

Ebony and ivory
Reside in combination in best possible team spirit
Aspect via aspect on my piano keyboard
Oh lord, why don’t we?”

7. Neil Diamond

YouTube video

Stones would play within her head.
And the place she slept, they made her mattress.
And she or he would pain for romance and get
However stones.”

8. John Legend

YouTube video

“What would I do with out your sensible mouth?
Drawing me in, and also you kicking me out
‘Reason all of me
Loves all of you.”

Examples of Metonymy in Politics

Even politicians have a robust appreciation for metonymy, in addition to colourful rhetoric, energy phrases, and figurative language.

However metonymy isn’t confined to political speeches. Other folks additionally use it when regarding the U.S. govt as Washington or the White Area, or the British monarchy because the Crown.

9. Tom Brokaw

“When he entered the Oval Place of job — via destiny, no longer via design — Citizen Ford knew that he was once no longer best possible, simply as he knew he was once no longer best possible when he left. However what president ever was once?”

10. Harry S. Truman

“You wish to have a pal in Washington? Get a canine.”

11. John W. Vessy

“Extra has been screwed up at the battlefield and misunderstood within the Pentagon on account of a ignorance of the English language than anything.”

12. Queen Elizabeth

“God has given such courageous infantrymen to this Crown that, if they don’t frighten our neighbors, a minimum of they save you us from being anxious via them.”

Examples of Metonymy in Literature

For the reason that metonymy is a literary tool, you received’t be stunned that many works of literature liberally use it.

You’ll be able to to find numerous examples of metonymy in well-known literary works, together with Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and American classics like Moby Dick and Huckleberry Finn.

As you’ll see, Shakespeare, together with his reward for coining new words, provides us many inventive examples of metonymy.

13. William Shakespeare, Julia Caesar

YouTube video

“Pals, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.”

14. William Shakespeare, Hamlet

“To die, to sleep — Not more — and via a sleep to mention we finish the heartache and the thousand herbal shocks that flesh is inheritor to — ’tis a consummation devoutly to be needed.”

15. Hermen Melville, Moby Dick

“You should know that during a settled and civilized ocean like our Atlantic, as an example, some skippers suppose little of pumping their complete method throughout it; even though of a nonetheless, sleepy night time, will have to the officer of the deck occur to omit his responsibility in that admire, the likelihood could be that he and his shipmates would by no means once more bring it to mind, as a result of all palms gently subsiding to the ground.”

16. Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“I went and instructed the Widow about it, and he or she stated the object a frame may get via praying for it was once ‘non secular presents’.”

17. William Shakespeare, All’s Neatly That Ends Neatly

“I do know a person that had this trick of depression bought a goodly manor for a tune.”

Different Well-known Examples of Metonymy

We’ve checked out a number of metonymy examples to this point, and so they’ve taken us from Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I to Elon Musk and John Legend.

In fact, metonymy isn’t restricted to politics, literature, and track, so let’s check out a couple of different well-known examples:

There are lots of examples of metonymy within the titles of movies and TV displays, together with:

Area of Playing cards,” “Golden Women,” and “Rags to Riches.”

And numerous well-known quotes and sayings additionally make excellent use of metonymy.

Imagine this immortal word from Edward Bulwer-Lytton:

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

And closing however no longer least, we will’t omit that well-known wordsmith (and High Minister) Winston Churchill, who gave us this tough reminder to stay going even within the worst of instances:

“Should you’re going thru hell, stay going.”

Why Use Metonymy?

Positive, metonymy is a horny neat method to make use of language, however do you truly want it to jot down smartly?

No longer essentially, however there are nonetheless a couple of excellent explanation why writers would possibly use it.

For something, it’s an unbelievable alternative to workout creativity. As writers, we’re naturally attracted to new techniques of the use of language, and metonymy supplies us with an entire new size of ingenious expression and literary symbolism,

Metonymy additionally means that you can infuse deeper that means right into a reputedly atypical phrase, remodeling a easy phrase like “pen” right into a putting illustration of the ability of the written phrase.

Metonymy too can mean you can be extra concise on your writing, facilitating a discount in filler phrases. You notice, metonymic words are incessantly quick and to the purpose, making your sentences extra tough and profound.

TLDR; metonymy provides extra snap and crackle in your writing, making it extra significant and noteworthy to readers.

In a position to Create Your Personal Wonderful Metonymy Examples?

Metonymy would possibly sound difficult, but it surely’s in fact very out there and one thing that most of the people use of their on a regular basis speech.

After studying this put up, you will have a transparent working out of what metonymy is and the way it’s used.

Now it’s time to attract in your newfound wisdom and get started the use of metonymy on your writing.

So I problem you to offer metonymy a shot and use it two or 3 times on your subsequent writing venture.

Stick with it, and also you’ll be a grasp of metonymy sooner than you are aware of it.

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